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With a wealth of experience (over 20 years!!) when it comes to teaching drummers of all ages and abilities, Nick has plenty of know-how when it comes to the art of teaching, so you can be assured that Nick's e-books contain only the most relevant, concise and practical information to help you improve your drumming skills.


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* 58 Page e-Book

* Sticking patterns showcasing paradiddles and inversions

* Accent patterns to enhance your technique

* Funky bass drum patterns to deepen your groove

* Flam concepts to increase your vocabulary

+ Much more...


PRICE: £5.00

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


When it comes to drumming, there aren’t too many exercises/patterns that not only sound great played as funky grooves but also improve your hand technique massively and offer a wide range of playing possibilities, but the humble paradiddle ticks all of those boxes...and many more! Whether played on a single surface - snare drum, practice pad etc. or whole kit, paradiddles give you a huge arsenal of sounds and ideas that can, with practice, help your playing to sound fresh, funky and exciting!


* 142 Page e-Book

* Patterns and fills covering rock, pop, blues, funk and Latin

* Step-by-step full colour picture guide to setting up your kit

* Easy to follow introduction to reading music

* Over 1000 accompanying 'Play As You Hear' MP3 tracks***

* Rudiments and reading exercises in different styles

* Free printable practice record

+ Much more...


PRICE: £12.00

Level: Beginner


From Practice To Performance Book 1 covers a wide range of subjects to help you get started on your drumming journey. With sections looking at everything from setting up your kit to patterns and fills in a host of different styles, the book has been written, developed and tested with input from a wide range of students to ensure it delivers everything you need to kickstart your drumming adventure.

***.zip File Containing MP3 audio only downloadable for MAC/PC (Not Mobile/Tablet etc.)

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