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By nick carter, Sep 21 2017 11:02AM

Hey folks, I'm really pleased to launch my new eBook 'The Power Of Paradiddles', available exclusively from my online store:

The book is aimed at more intermediate/advanced players, and features tons of ideas for patterns and grooves using paradiddles, inversions, flams and lots more. Having been working through this material for a number of years and teaching it to a range of students, I've made sure that every example in the book is useful, challenging and above all else, musical!

To celebrate its launch, I'm offering it at a very special price of just £3.99 instead of the regular price of £6.99 for a limited time only.

The book features...

* 58 pages containing over 550 paradiddle exercises

* Sticking patterns showcasing paradiddles and inversions

* Accent patterns to enhance your technique

* Funky bass drum patterns to deepen your groove

* Flam concepts to increase your vocabulary

+ Much more...

Simply head to, click, download and happy practising!!

By nick carter, Feb 27 2017 04:52PM

Hey folks, had a busy few weeks here updating and re-editing my first full tuition e-book 'From Practice To Performance Book 1', which contains 142 pages of patterns, fills and exercises perfect for beginner drummers in lots of different styles including rock, pop, funk, blues and Latin. All of this plus over 1000 accompanying MP3 tracks and a free printable practice record for just £11.99, available to download from

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